Vygotsky’s, Leontiev’s, and Luria’s heritage has taken many forms and shapes in the thinking and doings of theorists, researchers and practitioners. Research communities devoted to the study of human development in context, to the social dimension of learning and to activity can be found on all continents. Every three years the international congress creates a space for dialogue among participants whose work is rooted in the Cultural Historical and Activity Theory tradition. ISCAR has been held in Seville (2005), San Diego (2008), Rome (2011), and Sydney (2014). ISCAR Quebec 2017 is the soon to be collective rendez-vous.

ISCAR 2017 wants to look at the past, the present, and the foreseeable future (what’s INsight) of Cultural-historical and Activity Research (CHAT). We will take a 360° view of the CHAT landscape or should we say CHAR landscape given the name of our Society? We will explore together the questions participants ask, the methodologies they refer to and use in their research, and the practices they codesign as they invent the future together with the communities and participants they work with across the world – all dimensions and topics at the core of our dialogue during the meeting, a dialogue simultaneously deeply grounded in and guided by our historical roots. Your contributions in the form of questions, methods, and data interpretations are important for the understanding of the state of our scholarship in practice. 


Preliminary program 
(Searchable, August 14th, 2017)