Cultural/Historical Aspects of Children’s Learning by Observing and Pitching In

Convention Center
Room 2101



Organizers: Barbara Rogoff, Amy Dexter, and Rebeca Mejía Arauz

Presenters and Co-presenters: Itzel Aceves-Azuara, Jenn Adair, Marjorie Murray, Edward Rivero, Karen Villegas, Arturo Cortez, Elizabeth Mendoza; Lucía Alcalá, Paula Alonqueo Boudon, Alissa Baker-Oglesbee, Megan Bang, Forrest Bruce; Marie-Noëlle ChamouxAndrew Coppens, Maricela Correa-ChávezKiyomi Sánchez-Suzuki Colegrove, Andy Dayton; Amy Dexter, Emma Elliott-Groves; Susana Frisancho, Javiera Gutiérrez; Rich Henne-Ochoa, Deira Jiménez; Ulrike Keyser, Maribel Loncón, Loreto Parada, Luis Lam; Angélica López, David Lorente Fernández, Augusto Madalengoitia; Ananda Marin, Margarita MartínezMeixiRebeca Mejía-Arauz, Rebeca Muñoz, Loreto Parada; Bargara Rogoff, Bryan Salgado; Luis Urrieta, Fabiola Vásquez, Benigno Vicente, Jorge Villalba

DiscussantsKris Gutiérrez, Ruth Paradise


This preconference workshop examines theory and research on a cultural tradition in which people learn by observing and pitching in to endeavors of importance in their family and communities.  This appears to be an approach that is especially common in many Indigenous-heritage communities of North, Central, and South America.

The presenters are an international, interdisciplinary group of scholars. Topics focus on children’s inclusion and contributions to their families and communities; sophisticated collaboration; keen and wide attention; and methods.

Official languages:  Spanish and English.  


Detailed program 


Background for the workshop is discussed in this article:

Rogoff, B. (2014).  Learning by Observing and Pitching In to family and community endeavors: An orientation. Human Development, 57, 69-81.


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